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, somehow got behind the defense in overtime, peyton manning forces this pass and intercepted, and six plays later, and now, in double overtime the ravens kick a game winning 47 yard field goal to stun the broncos, 38- 38-35. and then from san francisco, 49ers qb, kaepernick, rushing, 181 yards and two touchdowns, and had the the game of his lifetime. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. i would have had to have read that phonetically. >> kaepernick? >> yes, let's check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: the dangers of early morning tv, i fell asleep right at double overtime, i have no how it happened, but i woke up when the game was done, i was bummed. warm across the southeast, enjoy it, this is all about to change and once it goes away, it's gone for a long time. the cold air across the west will replace it and the warm air up to the west and that's going to be a bit of a change that's going to be happening, another very cold morning out to the west and factor in the wind and it's brutal out there. minus 17, and minus 24 in glasgow and a lot of cold air still there, but it's a slo
when he went to the notre dame officials, his coach, hips defensive coordinator and the head coach and athletic director he's still somewhat confused. somebody need toded to get that person from a security person this is how they handle it. they contacted this young man just days before the orange bowl from the hotel lobby. now, he played that game under some kind of duress. how did that all work out? >> and you say, too, when it comes to athletes like this, no one gets through with rudimentary security, i don't care who it is. give me a scenario, horrendous situation and embarrassing, true, true, true, having said that give me a scenario which you would have recommended how this could have played out before deadspin got the story? >> well, i would have hoped to get some kind of security involved on the 26th of december. but i would have, once their investigation was conducted, i would have made him available and announced this with jacks swarbrick. >> the a-d. >> head coach maybe on one side and manti te'o on the middle whether it's before the orange bowl or want to wait till afte
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)